Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Program


The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is offered at Ferndale Area School Elementary School to introduce students to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. This program has been in place for 4 years, and it is funded through the National School Lunch Program. The students in our Elementary School have enjoyed everything from Apples to Uglifruit, and Asparagus to Zucchini.

All Fruits and vegetables are served fresh. The students have really enjoyed the program and some children have even asked when they can have Starfruit again, because they really liked it. Not every fruit and vegetable is a hit with every child, but we like to ask everyone to try the snack of the day. More often than not, our students really enjoy the fruit and vegetable choices. Students also learn nutritional information and where some of the fruits and vegetables come from.

If there are any questions about this program or National School Lunch Program please contact:

Lori McGough ‐ Food Service Director
e‐mail: lmcgough@fasdk12.org
(814)288‐5757 High School
(814)525‐6724 Elementary School