It is necessary for a student to be in regular attendance in order to grasp the important aspects of every course. Failure to do so will result in losing information and inter-related experiences with teachers and peers essential to the fulfillment of the criteria established for each course.  Illegal absences (Unexcused), will result in students receiving a failing grade for work assigned that day, including quizzes, tests, labs, homework, etc. assigned and/or scheduled for that day.


End of marking period grades are based on each grading period and are not cumulative. It is necessary to obtain a passing grade each report period to be guaranteed a passing final grade for the subject.  Simply accumulating grades during the first semester or first few grading periods in order to expect a passing grade on the basis of final grade average is not a proper approach to an education.


Incomplete grades must be made up within ten (10) school days after the current grading period (no Incompletes will be issued for the 4th Marking Period). Exceptions will be approved by administration. If incomplete work is not completed within the designated time, a “failing grade” will be assigned to the incomplete assignments and the final grade will be averaged. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the teacher and to see that his/her work is made up to comply with the above requirements.


Percent                                      Grade

93-100%                                           A

90-93%                                             A-

88-89%                                             B+

83-87%                                             B

80-82%                                             B-

78-79%                                             C+

73-77%                                             C

70-72%                                             C-

68-69%                                             D+

63-67%                                             D

60-62%                                             D-

59%-0.0%                                         F


Percentages of 0.5 or greater will be rounded up to the next whole number. Percentages of 0.4 or less will remain the same.  Class rank for students in grade nine through twelve is determined using percentages. Using a weighted ranking system, greater emphasis is placed upon more challenging courses. Courses in this advanced category require study that goes beyond the classroom explanations. Most work is challenging at the higher level of cognition. These courses are accelerated, demand higher than average reading skills, and provide enrichment opportunities for able students. The Advanced Placement courses are examples and they follow the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) syllabus to prepare the students for the advanced placement tests in particular subject areas.  The following courses are considered advanced work and their percentages are weighted:


English 9 Honors                               Algebra II Honors

English 10 Honors                             Trigonometry

English 11 Honors                             Calculus         

English 12 Honors                             Geometry Honors                                         

French 4 (5 if available)                         AP European History (1.2 cr.)

Spanish 4 (5 if available)                    AP United States History (1.2 cr.)

AP English Lit (1.2 cr.)                      Advanced Chemistry/lab (1.4 cr.)                          

AP English Language (1.2 cr.)        Physics

Anatomy and Physiology/lab (1.4 cr.)


This weighted system is used for the college admissions process. The procedure for weighting is used for calculations for determining honor roll, class rank, and eligibility for other honor programs such as the annual Academic Awards Ceremony.


 For more information, reference Policy 213 Assessment of Student Progress and Policy 214 Class Rank.  Note:  Class rank will only be run at the semester break and after final exams.


Unweighted Courses
(1.0 c.u.)
Weighted Courses
(1.0 c.u.)
Percent Grade Q.P. Q.P.
93-100% A 4.0 4.5
90-92% A- 3.8 4.3
88-89% B+ 3.2 3.7
83-87% B 3.0 3.5
80-82% B- 2.8 3.3
78-79% C+ 2.2 2.7
73-77% C 2.0 2.5
70-72% C- 1.8 2.3
68-69% D+ 1.2 1.7
63-67% D 1.0 1.5
60-62% D- 0.8 1.3
59%-0.0% F 0.0 0.0


The following formula is used to determine GPA:

(Letter Grade) * (Course Unit) * (Academic Weight) = Quality Points
# of Credits

Grade Report Mid-Nine Week

Teachers will inform parents by written notice concerning a student’s progress or impending failure. These notices are to be sent during the fifth week of the nine-week grading period.

Highest Honor – 95% and Above
High Honor – 90% to 94.9999%
Honor – 85% to 89.9999%

Percentages are an average of all marking period grades. Any grade earned which is lower than an 80% makes the student ineligible for the honor roll.