FASD Stance on Social Media Posts

Ferndale Area School District’s stance on social media posts originating from outside the District:

It is very disturbing that anyone can say anything on social media, whether it is truthful or not.  The more outlandish the story, the more clicks it gets.  This is the culture we live in now.                                         Worse yet, some viewers believe everything they read and some viewers are band-wagoners.

At Ferndale Area School District, we cannot control what people post, however, we refuse to let rumors and rants define who we are with respect to student safety:

*Our physical plants are among the safest in Cambria County.     

*We employ the following specialized staff—a School Resource Officer, 2 Guidance Counselors, a full-time Emotional Support Teacher, a School Psychologist, and a Social Worker to assist our students in need.

*Our teachers know our students and we maintain small class sizes.

*We have the best camera and DVR technology that money can buy.

* Support and Admin staff have new state of the art radio technology to communicate anywhere geographically in the district, as well as with our busses and local police.

*We teach social and life skills to students and have numerous presentations to reinforce these skills.

*ALL STAFF are ALICE trained. 

*Staff are versed in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Techniques and Botvin anti-bullying programs.

*FASD has affiliations with many outside agencies who work with students in need of counseling outside the school walls. 



If you have a question about any facet of student safety, rather than believe what you read on social media, please call or stop in any of our offices.    Thank you very much for your support!

Elementary Office  814-535-6724

Junior-Senior High School Office   814-288-5757

District Office  814-535-1507

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