Continuity of Educational activities for students to begin April 6

Continuity of Educational activities for students to begin April 6


Parents/Guardians, and Students,

FASD is preparing to provide enrichment, review activities, and new material education for students, starting Monday, April 6, 2020.

The first thing we need to do is make sure we know who has access to internet.

A OneCall Now message was sent to all families earlier this week, to find out which homes did not have internet service so the district can help them get connected.  Next week, teachers will determine HOW they will provide lessons to students.  Teachers will then put lessons and activities together for students to work on.  A variety of delivery platforms can be used--Google hangout, online videos and other resources already used in classrooms, student email, packets delivered to home, and more.  Lesson content and delivery will be determined based on what works best for students in each grade or subject area, and what is easiest to use.  Students with special needs and English Language Learners will receive accommodations and services--our FASD staff will contact parents to discuss. 


Arrangements will be made for students who need to retrieve materials from the school for their classes.


To make education manageable, students will receive approximately 15 hours per week of education/work.  Teachers will have "office hours" where they will be available to students and parents for assistance, answering questions, or direct instruction. 


This is a new adventure for everyone.  We plan to ease into it through review activities first and then gradually move to instruction of new material.  Some courses, like AP, Dual Enrollment, and advanced high school courses will be more rigorous from the start. Specials classes will be woven into student education as well as your core classes. 

You will receive more detailed information as it is finalized over the course of next week by your teachers and administrators


Stay tuned for numerous communications next week as we prepare to launch Continuity of Education.  


Stay healthy,


Carole Kakabar


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