Tuesday March 30th - Virtual Learning Day

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  I want to bring something to your attention.  We have a very large number of Ferndale staff members, from all employee groups, securing their 2nd Covid-19 Vaccine shot on Monday, March 29th.  If a large number of staff members would call off sick on March 30th, we would end up closing the school or sending everyone home early with little to no notice. Rather than inconvenience the community with a potential last minute school closure, this seems like the better plan.  Several surrounding schools have followed this same model.  We have from now until next Tuesday to prepare for synchronous learning.  If a staff member would have to call off sick, he/she will have already instructed the students on "what to do" and "how to do it."  Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time.  

Thank You,

Jeffrey R. Boyer

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