Bus Safety

 Mlaker Student Transportation

1976 Valley View Drive
Davidsville, PA 15928
814-479-2515 or 800-335-7911
814-479-2197 (fax)

Please be more alert and careful driving during the morning and afternoon hours when school buses and school students are on the roads. The dark fall morning hours pose an even greater risk for students waiting on the side of the road for school buses. Always have your headlights on while driving, keep alert for buses and students, put the phone down and keep distractions out of your car. We all drive on streets where other buses pick up so be watchful of the other buses’ students.

  • Light on all the time.
  • Follow all posted speed limits.
  • Make complete stops at all intersections.
  • Always use your turn signal in advance.
  • Activate your 4 way hazard flashers in all school zones, drive 15 mph or slower.
  • Stop for all other buses with their red lights activated and activate your 4-way hazard lights.
  • Educate your students to always be looking for cars running your lights at stops.
  • Never let students off the bus until all traffic is stopped in both directions.
  • Ensure all students are clear of your bus before pulling away from the stop or school.
  • Be alert for distracted drivers.
  • Report any unsafe drivers or cars running your lights to the office.


Always take your time and be safe.

Accidents happen when we rush.


Mlaker drivers are the best. Let’s keep up the good work

and make a safer ride for our kids.

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