Elementary Remote Learning Hub

Elementary Remote Learning Hub                    

                (updated 4-28-2020)


Elementary School remote learning from April 6 through June 1 is occurring primarily through student packets of instructional materials.  Some work is also being done online through various methods as determined by grade level.  Student work packet deliveries are on the following dates:   

April 14  (van delivery) 

April 27  (mail delivery)

May 11  (mail delivery)


Student homework is now also being collected. Homework can be electronically sent to your child’s teacher (contact your child’s teacher for these options).  Homework can also be dropped off at the main entrance to the Elementary School Office—look for the drop off boxes inside the door.  Homework is also being collected by vans travelling to the lunch delivery sites—staff will accept homework by van on April 27, May 11,  May 26, June 1). 


Initial student remote work had been review and enrichment in nature.  School work has evolved into the instruction of new materials, as is required by the PA Department of Education.  

Teachers are communicating regularly with their students and parents via email.  The classroom teacher is the primary connection between home and school and the main source of classroom information—schoolwork, Q & A, tutoring help, assessments, and grading.

Teacher email can be accessed from a link on this Elementary Remote Learning Hub.


During Continuity of Education in the home, teachers will have “office hours” on Mondays through Thursdays (other than the May 25 Memorial Day holiday) from 10a.m. to 2p.m.   You/your children will be able to connect with your teacher(s) during that time via email, zoom webinars, and other methods that your classroom teacher(s) set up for communication.  They will make sure they can connect with all students.