***Thanks to everyone that attended our K4 & Kindergarten Christmas Family Involvement Night.   The kids really seemed to enjoy making all the Christmas crafts. It was nice to see so many families having fun and spending time together!

***Kindergarten report cards will be sent home this  week. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your child’s progress.

Writing Update:

We are currently working on Christmas journals.   Many of the students are now attempting to write sentences by themselves!  I introduced “finger spacing” a few weeks ago and the kids are really trying hard to remember to put spaces  between words. I will send the journals home once we finish them. Hopefully you will see an improvement in your child’s writing skills.

Math Update:

-Since returning from Thanksgiving break, we have been working on simple addition to 10.  We have been using many different types of manipulatives to solve addition problems. Subtraction will be introduce later in the year.

-Next week we will also spend a few days learning about dimes.  We learned about pennies a while back and now that the kids can count by 10s, counting dimes is the next step.  We will also learn how to count combinations of dimes and pennies.

Reading Update:

-We have been continuing to work on letters and sounds and putting  them together to spell words. We are still working on CVC words with the vowels “a” and “i,”  but will be starting on words with “o” very soon.

-We recently learned about “ing” words.

-Next week the “ch” sound will be introduced.