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Welcome to Mrs. Haire’s
Learning Support English Classes! 
On my webpage you will find information about the learning that occurs within our classroom. 
Pictures and resources will also be shared with you, as I continue to build my site. 
If you have questions or any needs or concerns, please contact me: 
Email:   Call: 814-288-5757, ask for Mrs. Haire    
Or, students can stop in and visit me in Room 202 
Mrs. Haire’s Schedule: 2018-2019

7:32-8:07 Homeroom: Pull students for Academic Support
8:10-8:50 Pd. 1: 8th Grade English
8:53-9:33 Pd. 2: 11/12th Grade English
9:36-10:16 Pd. 3: 7th Grade English-With Mrs. Pearce
10:19-10:59 Pd. 4: 10th Grade English
11:02-11:32 Lunch A
11:35-12:15 Pd. 5A: Behavior Improvement Room (Room 20)/Sensory Room Coverage
12:18-12:58 Pd. 6AB: Prep
1:01-1:41 Pd. 7: 9th Grade English-With Mr. Menna
1:44-2:24 Pd. 8: Academic Enrichment