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ESL Program and Guidelines

Educating English Learners

There are more than 61,000 English Learners (ELs) speaking more than 200 different languages in Pennsylvania. The education of students whose dominant language is not English and who are ELs is the responsibility of every School Districrt. Title 22, Chapter 4, Section 4.26 of the Curriculum Regulations requires all Districts to provide a program for every student who is an English learner (EL).

The goal of language instruction educational programs (LIEPs) is to facilitate the development and attainment of English proficiency and academic achievement of students whose native or first language is not English. Without instruction in social and academic English and appropriate support for learning academic content, these students are at risk of losing the educational opportunities provided to non-EL students. 


Resources for Parents and Educators

Parent Resources

The Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP)

Guidance for Parent Right to Refuse the LIEP

Colori'n Colorado! - A bilingual site for educators and families of English Language Learners


Educator Resources

ESL - Portal - PA

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Standards for English Language Development