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Accounting 1 and 2

Accounting 1

This is a great course for anyone that is interested in the world of business.  Throughout the duration of the course, we will complete the Accounting Cycle, by gaining basic accounting skills.  The course will focus on accounting practices that are used in sole proprietorships and partnerships.  In addition to learning the manual process of accounting, we will also use a computer program to aid us on various projects.  By studying accounting, you will develop an overall picture of how the business world works.  Such understanding is a good base for further study and career advancement in the world of work. 


Accounting 2


Accounting II in a continuation of Accounting I.  The course is designed for students who wish to accomplish the following: become an accounting clerk, enter college and major in ANY business field, broaden knowledge about business procedures and the uses of accounting, and/or become small business owners.  More emphasis will be placed on computerized accounting.


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