FASD 2021 Senior Spotlights » Kai Gorzelsky

Kai Gorzelsky

The Ferndale Area School District is proud to shine their Senior Spotlight on Kai Gorzelsky.
Kai has been a member of the Varsity football team for 4 years, weightlifting for 4 years, baseball for 1 year, and eSports for 2 years. He has participated in Student Council, PBIS and Yearbook Club, as well as a Student Mentor. Kai was a member of the 2020 Homecoming Court. He is employed by Panera Bread.
Kai's future plans included attending Point Park University to major in Cyber Security.
Kai shared that his favorite memory would be probably the whole year. "I know that sounds wild, but this year was crazy for everyone, and I think that’s the best part about it. You never really knew what was next, and I liked that. I missed out on many things typical seniors had, which isn’t the best, but we (the seniors) made the most of it. From a parent-made Homecoming, to building snowmen in the winter masked up, my senior year was certainly different from others, and I feel that’s what made this year very special to me, a special memory if you will".
When asked what he will miss, Kai stated that "I’ll miss the laughs, for sure. I liked the fact that no matter where I was in school, I had people with me that would make me laugh. From teachers to students, there was always an opportunity for a good belly laugh. That is something very underrated in my opinion. You know everyone, it’s a small school, so how is there going to be a dull moment when you can look over and automatically be comfortable with the person sitting right next to you?"
Kai's advice for the younger students is to "always trust yourself. Never go through with something if you don’t think it’s right, and that works for anything. You are your number one priority, and you know yourself better than anyone knows you. You know what’s right for you, and that’s all that matters."
Congratulations Kai!