FASD 2021 Senior Spotlights » Joseph Klucker

Joseph Klucker

The Ferndale Area School District is proud to shine the Senior Spotlight on Joseph Klucker.  
Joseph also attends the Greater Johnstown CTC to study Diesel Mechanics. Outside of school, Jospeh is a Volunteer Firefighter. His hobbies include detailing and working on cars and building computers.
Joseph plans to attend Penn Highlands Community College for a degree in information technology while continuing his career in automotive.
Joseph's favorite senior memory was having a homecoming dance that was organized by the parents since the school wasn’t allowed to host one. It was great!
Joseph shared that he will "miss seeing all of my peers like I have every day since we were little. It was fun getting to grow up together". He'll miss the pep rallies on Fridays along with the school dances, and the teacher planned incentive days when the students could relax and just have fun including tournaments in the gym, watching movies, etc. Memories sum it up. 
Joseph shared his advice for younger students. "Every kid sits in class and wishes they were a big senior and can't wait to get out of school, but now that I’m here I would do anything to go back to 8th and 9th grade with my biggest worry being Public Speaking. Enjoy your high school years while you can and you’ll see why someday. Even if it sounds crazy to you now, it will be over before you know it. Keep your grades up before it's too late so you can set yourself up for success. Whatever you're gonna be, be a good one, and have as much fun as you can while doing it. Before you know it, you’ll be right here wondering where time went, writing advice to the underclassmen."
Best of Luck, Jospeh!