FASD 2021 Senior Spotlights » Quamir Simm

Quamir Simm

The Ferndale Area School District is proud to shine their Senior Spotlight on Quamir Simms.

Quamir has been a member of the Yellow Jacket football team for 6 years and basketball team for 4 years. He was honored to be voted this year's Homecoming King by his peers.

Quamir plans on starting his future by enlisting in the Navy.  He plans to travel the world while in the Navy and as much as he can after also.
Quamir's favorite senior memory is playing football and making it to the playoffs with his best friends since 1st grade.  He's glad that he's been able to go to school with all his friends during this pandemic. "I’m really happy I still get to see them".

Quamir will miss the teachers and staff that he's made connections with, and he talks to them as much as he can, while he can. He'll miss all of the sports, especially football. He will miss his friends the most. It will be weird waking up and not seeing them daily and while he's still at Ferndale, it's the best thing ever.

Quamir's advice for younger kids is to "get yourself involved in as many sports or clubs as possible because when you graduate, you’ll never look at that sport the same way. You won’t have the same love you have for that sport or club. Make friends with everyone because when you graduate everyone has their own path and it’s nice to keep in touch with friends".

Good luck Quamir and thank you for your service!