FASD 2021 Senior Spotlights » Destany Werba

Destany Werba

The Ferndale Area School District is proud to shine their Senior Spotlight on Destany Werba.
Destany is a graduating senior who spends most of her time out of school at her job at Ollies. She plans to enter the medical field after graduation with an interest in becoming an RN or midwife.
A favorite memory of Destany's is being a cheerleader in 7th grade and being at all the games. She has enjoyed going to the football, basketball, and baseball games. She will miss how caring and close everyone is at Ferndale.
Her advice to the younger students is to "never give up even when times are hard. You'll get through whatever it is. Don't procrastinate or you'll get yourself stuck in a hard spot and it will be hard to get out. Just enjoy yourself and your high school years because it will fly by fast".