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Continuity of Education Plan


School District


Ferndale Area School District



Jeffrey R. Boyer



100 Dartmouth Avenue

Johnstown, PA  15905





Goal of Plan

The goals of Ferndale Area School District Continuity of Education Plan is to provide enrichment and review for students to maintain and expand their current knowledge, but also to provide Planned Instruction as possible.


Overview of Plan

The Ferndale Area Continuity of Education Plan for the Elementary School (K4-6) will involve providing packets of work for students in Mathematics, Reading/English studies, and Specials classes.  Textbook and workbook resources will be provided to use for continuity and as a direct extension to reflect what would have been completed in classes, if classes were is session at the Elementary School.  Eventual use of online resources (zoom, videos, and some classroom used online sources) may be added as optional activities as students become comfortable with their new learning environment.  The Continuity of Education Plan for the Junior-Senior High School students (graded 7-12) is utilizing an online format for all courses.  Ferndale Area Junior-Senior High School is a 1:1 iPad school and students are comfortable in an online environment.  Schoology, teacher webpages, and a host of online resources will be used to continue education in all subjects.


                                                              Expectations for Teaching and Learning         

Teachers are expected to provide meaningful instruction that is manageable to students in an online and offline environment.  All teachers will have office hours from 10a.m. to 2p.m. Monday through Thursday.  During this time, teachers will be available for communication with students and parents. 


Communication Tools and Strategies

Due to social distancing, the preferred method of communication between students/parents and teachers is via email.  All Junior-Senior High School students have school issued email accounts.  Parents of Elementary students have easy access to teacher email via the FASD web portal.  Other methods of communication are phone conference, zoom conference, Remind, and posting of information on teacher webpages.  Whole building and District communications are flowing through OneCall Now, the District website, Facebook, and Twitter. 


Access (Devices, Platforms, Handouts)

Ferndale Area Junior-Senior High School students will use their school issued iPads for all subjects.  Schoology, Teacher Webpages, and many online resources will be used by individual teachers.  Elementary School students will use packets of copied information.  In addition students will use textbooks, workbooks, reading materials, and other instructional materials where indicated.


Staff General Expectations

Staff are expected to provide learning materials that will be appropriate to review and enrich student knowledge, and provide instruction without being overwhelming or frustrating.  Staff will be available Monday through Thursday to assist students with questions and instruction through designated office hours. 


Student Expectations

Students will make a good faith effort to participate in instruction, complete requested work, and be in attendance daily.  Students are expected to reach out and ask for assistance when needed and put forth their best effort to complete assigned academic work. 


Attendance / Accountability

If students participate (online at the Junior-Senior High School, and through packet completion at the Elementary School) they will be considered to be in attendance.  Communication during teacher office hours will also be considered as an indicator of attendance.  Accountability will be determined through work completed as assigned.



Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for All Students

All Ferndale Area Junior-Senior High School families who have reported no internet access have been contacted to assist with access to free and/or reduced cost internet services.  At the Elementary School, packets are being used instead of online resources because numerous families have connectivity concerns or a lack of devices. 


Special Education Supports

All required supports are being addressed by FASD Special Education staff as well as with outside contractors, in cooperation with parents.


EL Supports

English Language Learner supports have been established with our individual families and teachers.


Gifted Education

Gifted Education will continue during Continuity of Education through established online programming in collaboration with activities that will be coordinated through classroom teachers.


Building/Grade Level Contacts

The primary contact for each student and parent is their child’s classroom teacher.

Administrative Contacts are the Junior-Senior High School Principal for grade 7-12 students/families, and the Director of Education for grade K4-6 students/families (in the absence of our Elementary Principal). 


Resource Links

Resource links for each teacher will be posted/provided by the teacher.  Covid-19 resource links can be found on the District webpage.